Welcome to Absolute Horses

Welcome to Schou Absolute Horses
Today Absolute Horses runs a modern stable where the sport is combined with horse sales and education of new riders. Andreas and Christian Schou have for many years been part of the Danish National Showjumping Team with many victories and top results to show. Grand Prix victories, Nations Cup and the Danish National Championships many times, only to mention a few.

The team surrounding the horses at Tågerup now also includes Rider Martin Neergaard who rides and trains the horses and also train students. The company not only focusses on training and education but also gathers other interesting equestrian activities at Tågerup. Therefore, you can now ride for Absolute Horses Sportsrideklub and at the same time become a member of Club Absolute Horses earning many privileges.

Absolute Horses has hosted many equestrian events at the facilities at Tågerup. The Danish National Championships, being one of the biggest equestrian events in the country, have been held here every year since 2010. We will be hosting many events in the future and we aim for them to be at all levels, so to be attractive for more riders and thus help to promote the sport of showjumping in the best possible way.

Absolute Horsetrucks is owned by Schou Absolute Horses and Bernt Spanggaard Andersen. Absolute Horsetrucks is the Danish agent for STX trucks, and in addition we always have a substantial stock of use cars. The combination of our businesses, interests and experience means that we can give you the very best advice when buying your next horse truck.

A-Equipment is a new collection developed by Absolute Horses and Equsana. With the A-collection we aim to create practical and functional quality equipment for horse and rider, where quality and style is in focus for the modern sport.
Absolute Cars deals in used cars. Our aim is to sell used cars of high quality in all price ranges. We have one of the best car dealers, Kristian Melvej Ehlert, to advise you. Kristian Melvej Ehlert has many years experience dealing in cars and leasing of cars and offers excellent service and advice. With Kristian on the team we feel confident that we can find the best and most suitable cars for our customers based on their wishes.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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Falsterbo Horseshow

This weekend Andreas will be competing at Falsterbo Horseshow, CSIO5*. He will bring Braveheart and Hazel BS. Our students Theodor and Caroline will be competing in Falsterbo as well with Bel Air and Colton.


Nordic Championship in Hammerö

This weekend Martin is leaving for the Nordic Championship in Hammerö with four students, Marie, Noona, Theodor and Christine.

For mere information: http://online.equipe.com/da/competitions/20680

Andreas to Nations Cup in Luxembourg

This weekend Andreas is leaving for the Nations Cup in Luxembourg with Hazel.

You can follow the results here: jumping.lu